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Finding the right youth baseball glove

If you have a son or daughter wanting to get into baseball, one of the most critical pieces of equipment is a good youth baseball glove. When shopping for a glove, there's a number of factors to consider, such as position. What position does your child play? For most players, a simple fielder's glove is sufficient, but catchers and sometimes first basemen have specialty youth baseball gloves. If your child plays these positions, and is serious about it, consider splurging for one of these.

Youth baseball gloves come in a variety of styles and materials. Leather remains the gold standard, offering durability and comfort, while gloves from synthetic materials are frequently lighter and more colorful. Make sure your child tries on several different gloves to find the one that offers the best fit and most comfort for them.

Also, consider discount baseball gloves or used youth baseball gloves. Since your child is still growing, there's a very real chance that they'll outgrow their glove within one season, especially between the ages of six and twelve. Used sporting goods stores are an excellent place to look for these, and they'll frequently have the advantage of already being worn in.

What kind of glove should I use?

Glove selection

Once you get to a stage where you truly wish to compete at a national level, you should update your equipment to the professional level. Make sure you are using a Major League caliber glove that is appropriate for the position you play. Wilson and Rawlings make great gloves. These gloves are costly, but are well worth the investment in the long run.

What size bat should I use?

Use the Size That's Right For You

Use a light, short bat. Most hitters think that a bigger bat gives them more power. This would only be true if that hitter could swing that heavier bat
at the same speed as a lighter one. Force equals mass times acceleration, so go for more acceleration; added mass is too difficult to move correctly. The key is to use a bat that you can get through the strike zone both quickly and with the proper technique.

Should a team make the investment to purchase screens?


The first major investment for a team should be proper screens: an L-screen for the pitcher, a first base screen, an extra large second base (or shag screen), and a heavy duty, portable hitting net for batting practice.

Should I use a big bat?

Plate Coverage

To go along with knowing what length bat you can handle, also consider hitting style. If you like to crowd the plate, a long bat is not as necessary. If you stand far back of the plate, a longer bat is required.

Should I use a big bat?

Don't Get Caught Up In Size

The size of the bat you use often becomes an ego feeder while moving through the Little League ranks. But, the worst thing you can do is go to the plate with a bat that you can't handle because you want to impress a teammate or opposition. Make certain that the bat you use allows you to generate the needed bat speed to make solid contact on a consistent basis.

Should I use a big bat?

Light, But Right

A light bat may allow you to generate more bat speed. You might prefer a thicker or thinner handle. The bat needs to be properly proportioned so your swing feels quick and fluid.

Should I use a cup?

The Cup

There are many instances in a game where men can get hurt if they do not wear an athletic cup. There are a variety of styles now to choose from. The "banana" cup is more comfortable than the regular protector.

Should I take care of my equipment?

Treat your equipment well

Treat your equipment well. Oil your glove, tighten the laces, and store it in a clean area. Your bats should be taped meticulously and pine tarred to just the right level.

Is dressing properly important?

Dress properly

Make sure you are properly uniformed. Have your belt on properly, your stirrups and sanitary socks on, and matching undershirts and hats. Take pride in how you and your team look on the field.


Baseball Equipment

The game of baseball is designed to be played with a minimum of equipment. It is more of a game of skill than brute force. Everything from the ball, gloves, bat, or shoes have their place on the field and need to be mastered by the player.

A ball and glove is basic baseball equipment. Playing pitch and catch is where the young begin to learn the game. Throwing the ball is a basic element of baseball and everyone on the team has to be able to throw the ball from their position. Catching the ball is more important for some than others and using the right glove for the position being covered is very important. Pitchers are not known to be fielders but have to do their best to catch a ball at times.

Bats are the next thing to master along with "keeping an eye on the ball". This is a term that will have many meanings during a lifetime and it started here with baseball. Following a pitch down to the catcher is required if a batter is going to connect the bat with the ball for a hit. This is the part where "keeping an eye on the ball" comes into play. Baseball batting gloves are designed to help the hold the bat securely in hand without slipping.


Choosing a Baseball Training Bat

A bat is not a just a bat, especially when it comes to training. When looking for a baseball training bat there are many options and many skills that can benefited from training bats. A training baseball bat can cost in ranges from $19.00 to $150.00 depending on the quality and what the bat does. There are several types of baseball bats designed to train different aspects of batting.

A variable weight training bat is designed to improve hand/eye coordination which is one of the key principles of batting. The batter adds or removes weights to get a different "bat" every time and it also promotes building arm strength.

One handed training bats are designed to be used during soft toss and tee drills. They strengthen the top and bottom of the hand.

Baseball training bats are available in wood and metal. There are bats available for training to transition from one type to the other as well.

There are lots of baseball bats designed to better batting skills. They can be found in local sporting good stores or by shopping on the internet.


The Right Baseball Glove

Every position on a baseball field has a glove that is designed to get the job done. The players learn to use these baseball gloves which helps them do their job.

Catchers mitts are rounded with padding and thick leather. This is designed to catch fast balls and the rounded edge will help guide the ball into the pocket of the glove. They are called "mitts" because they have one place for all fingers, instead of an individual place for each finger.

Like the catchers mitt, a first basemen's mitt has no individual fingers. They are long and designed to pick up a low ball in the dirt or reach out for a wild throw. These gloves may be worn by a left or right handed player.

An infielders' glove is smaller and has a shallow pocket so the player can quickly retrieve the ball from inside and throw it to the first baseman. It is designed for quick pick-up and release in order to force out the batter at first base.

The outfielder's glove has deep pockets that open wide and offer a better chance of catching a fly ball on the run. They are also longer so that a ground ball can be scooped up on the run. Softball gloves are similar being long and deep.

What brand of bat should I use?

What Brand of Bat Should I Use?

Baseball bats manufactured by different brands use the same materials and will provide similar results. It really comes down to personal preference.


Choosing Aids for Baseball Skills

A favorite past time for many children is the game of baseball. The dream to become a professional player is the goal of many young boys. In order to achieve that goal, it takes a lot of practice and training. Baseball training aids come in a variety of materials and can be helpful to improve your skill. Whether you seek one on one coaching, use videos or manuals to pick up techniques or learn on the baseball field, all of the baseball training aids available will improve your skill level.

When learning to play baseball, you will discover a certain position best fits your skills. Many people strive to become the pitcher for the team. In order to achieve this position, you need to develop ball control and arm strength to be effective. Baseball pitching aids can help realize improvement in both of these areas. Different baseball pitching aids will help you to increase speed, control and utilize different types of pitching strategies.

To successfully benefit from baseball training aids, find the method that works most effectively for you. Different people learn effectively in different ways. If you are a visual learner, then watching videos or seeing demonstrations are recommended. If you prefer a more hands on approach, a coach that provides constructive criticism is your best bet. Remember that practice makes perfect.


Necessary Baseball Equipment

There are a few things needed to play the game of baseball. The use of softball equipment must be mastered to win the game. The three main things needed are a glove, bat and ball.

Gloves are designed for various positions and players. The catchers mitt is rounded with padding around the edge so that the ball is funneled into the pocket. A first baseman's glove is also a mitt, and is long so it can reach out or scoop up wild throws. The infielders glove is not very deep so that when a ground ball is caught, it can be quickly taken out and thrown to first base for the forced out. An outfielders glove is deep so that a fly ball can be caught as the fielder is running.

A bat comes in different lengths and weights. It does not take a big bat to hit a home run. That has more to do with a good pitch, solid swing and hitting the ball just right. The batter must choose a bat that they feel comfortable with.

The ball is what the game is named after. The game is not called, baseglove or basebat. It is called baseball and the ball is what to keep an eye on. Baseball equipment needed for a game is a glove, bat and ball.

Should I buy expensive equipment?

Choosing Equipment

If you are serious about the game, you need top notch equipment. Save some extra money and purchase the top of the line. Be sure to treat your equipment properly. Disciplining yourself to take care of your equipment shows you have respect for yourself and the game.

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