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When to Tune In to See the World Series

Every year in the autumn, an entire season of baseball culminates in the World Series. This annual game showcases two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that have won the best-of-seven playoffs. The winner between the two teams receives the Commissioner's Trophy.

The name of the event began as the World's Championship Series upon inception back in 1882. At that point, the National League and the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players would duke it out, since the MLB did not yet exist. The name was later shortened to the World Series.

Over the years, many events have occurred to change the World Series as baseball fans know it. All other professional baseball leagues dissolved with only the MLB remaining. Strikes and boycotts have canceled the big game, although this occurs very rarely. In fact, there was a boycott in 1904 yet no other issues occurred until the 1994 strike that led to the first cancelation of the World Series in only 90 years.

The World Series also goes by the name of the Fall Classic. This refers to when viewers can tune into the game, which occurs every year in October.


4 Must Have Baseball Apps!

These are the top four, must have, baseball applications available for your mobile device!

1. At Bat on Android or iPhone

The mobile baseball hub endorsed by the Major Leagues. Owners of this app can track scores, check standings, and check headlines. With a yearly membership to MLB TV you can also have all of your favorite games, live, and on the go.

2. Baseball Legends on iPhone

For the hardcore baseball fanatic what better way is there to spend your commute than answering trivia on the history of the game? This app is full of features, a plethora of questions, and an easy to use interface.

3. 9 Innings on Android or iPhone

One of the best mobile baseball games on the market. It's a 2D isometric baseball sim. Take over your favorite team, play a full season, and collect your favorite players. Almost unlimited depth and great playability makes this one of the best apps, period, on the market. And it's all free!

4. ESPN Fantasy Baseball on Android or iPhone

There are very few hardcore baseball fans that don't try out fantasy baseball. Track your fantasy team and manage them from your pocket!


How to Avoid 5 Common Baseball Injuries

1. Torn Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is composed of four muscles that help support the arm and allow it to move up, down and rotate. A torn rotator cuff causes baseball players to experience pain and limited movement in their shoulder joint. Proper stretching and weightlifting to strengthen muscles can help players avoid this injury.

2. Bursitis of the Elbow

Bursitis of the elbow occurs when the fluid filled sack of the elbow, the bursa, is hit or irritated, causing it to become inflamed or full of fluid. As soon as baseball players notice their elbows beginning to swell, they should rest and compress, ice and elevate the area to keep the condition from worsening.

3. Finger Fractures

It is not uncommon for baseball players to fracture a finger when they catch a fast ball or when they are hit by the ball when at bat. Players can reduce the risk of fractures by wearing a proper mitt while in the outfield and by paying attention to poor pitches.

4. Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is not just for tennis players. Baseball players can also get the condition after swinging a bat repeatedly. Baseball players should be sure to eat right and exercise to keep their muscles in excellent shape. They should also rest their arms when needed.

5. Knee Injuries

When baseball players make sudden changes in direction while they are running quickly, they put themselves at risk of injuring the ligaments surrounding their knees. Baseball players can prevent this injury by making more fluid movements instead of short, jerky stops when possible.


How to Increase Your Chances of Being Recruited for College Baseball

While the selection process for getting onto a college baseball team is the same for all eligible students, there are a couple of things that interested parties can do to get a leg up on the competition. Here are a couple of examples of things to do to get the attention of college baseball recruiters:

1. Be Seen

Go out to functions and showcases. Make sure that you are seen at as many things in your area that pertain to baseball as possible. Position specific and showcases open to all positions are cropping all over. Get involved with these and show your talents.

2. Back to Camp

Attend camps thrown by the schools you are interested in playing for. The recruiters pay attention to these and might even make an appearance. They will get the chance to see what you’re made of ahead of time.

3. Get on Their Radar

How? Send letters to them and make contact. With people from every high school playing their hardest and trying to make an impression, names and faces may not readily come to mind. Give them another way to remember who you are.

4. Use a Recruitment Service

This professional liaison will help to promote you and your abilities without you having to focus on anything other than being good at what you do. Videos of you playing baseball will be sent to schools that you decide upon as a group.

5. Be Good

You won’t get attention if you aren’t good at what you do. Take time to hone your skills and become proficient at your craft. Learn more than one skill or position so that you can show how well rounded you are. Increase your speed and agility. Focus on your accuracy. Be the best you can be.


Best Colleges for Baseball

If you have dreams of playing baseball at the collegiate level, you probably want to play for the best. Take a look a this list of colleges that are great for MLB hopefuls:


With 97 MLB players in the game and 275 MLB draft picks since 1924, USC is top dog for baseball schools. This college has 12 national championships under its belt.

Arizona State

90 active MLB players and over 350 draft picks over the years place Arizona State squarely in the running for top baseball college picks. With 5 national championships, this school’s baseball prowess is nothing to sneeze at.

University of Miami

37 MLB players, 207 MLB draft picks, and 4 national championships; impressive numbers all around.

While this list is, by no means, comprehensive, it will get you started as you search for colleges that will help you be the best player you can be. Good luck and play ball!


Learn How To Easily Throw Different Pitches

Proper pitching begins with having the right grip on the baseball. Here are some of the most universal baseball pitches:

Four-Seam Fastball

To properly grasp the baseball in preparation for the four seam fastball, start by placing your index and middle fingers directly across the seams of the baseball, not with them. Next, place your thumb directly beneath the baseball. Grip the pitch softly, as if you are holding an egg in your fingertips (there should be space between the ball and your palm). This is essential to throwing a good, hard four-seam fastball with maximum backspin and acceleration. Having a loose grip will minimize the resistance between your hand and the baseball. Less resistance means the baseball can leave your hand quicker.

Three Finger Changeup

To throw a powerful three-finger changeup, begin by centering your index, middle, and ring fingers on top of the baseball. Then, position your pinky and thumb underneath the baseball with a comfortable grip. Hold the baseball deep in the palm of your hand to maximize resistance and to distribute the force of the baseball when the pitch is released. Throw it as if you were throwing a fastball: use the same mechanics and arm speed.

Straight Curveball

One of the most universal breaking ball grips is the straight curveball. First, grip the baseball with the seams, not across them, with your middle finger on top of one seam with your thumb on an opposite seam that is comfortable. Push your thumb upward as you drive your middle and index fingers down to create rotation prior to releasing the ball.

Happy Pitching!

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