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What will set me apart in a tryout?

General tip for tryouts

Baseball tryouts can often be pressure packed. Most tryouts consist of many players with little time to show what you can do. But, one thing that will set you apart is hustle. Run out to your position, sprint down the base path, and hustle on every play.

How can you pick up on the nuances of the game?

Know the nuances

One of the great things about baseball is that you can see something different every single game. The only way to know all the rules is to be an observer. Watch games and pick up on the nuances of the game. Whether you watch a professional game on television or attend an amateur event, you can learn something new about the rules or situations each and every time!

How can I learn more about baseball?

Watch the game

The best way to learn the proper way to play baseball is simple...learn from the pros. Watch as much baseball as you can and you will find that you pick up on the nuances of the game.

Is sponsorship a good idea?

Realize the Skill Level Involved

Realize the skill level involved in the tournaments you are entering. Some tournaments are All-Star type tournaments while others are general entry for typical teams. Do the research prior to entering so you are not overmatched.

Is sponsorship a good idea?

Getting to Tournaments

National tournaments are an excellent resource for emerging players. However, travel expenses and entrance fees can be exorbitant. Your best bet is to find sponsorship for your endeavor. Local companies may be willing to help sponsor the local team that vies for a national or state title.


Youth Baseball

Youth baseball has became one of the most popular kids sports that can be played almost year around. When a few kids get together to play, whether it be a group of boys, girls or a mixture you will only need a few items including a baseball bat, a couple of baseballs and something items to use as bases.

A baseball team typically has nine players including a pitcher, catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, shortstop, 3rd baseman, right fielder, center fielder and left fielder. With a kids baseball team you may find a couple of extra outfielders may be helpful to help the kids have the ability to get the ball quicker.

Many adults feel that when their kids join a youth baseball league they are laying ground for bigger and better things that could come down the road. Youth baseball will help teach kids to work together as a team to establish unity as well as leadership. If you speak with any of the baseball players in the pros many of them will admit that their career started a long time ago in youth baseball.

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