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How to Talk Like a Baseball Player

To really appreciate baseball you need to get a grasp of the language, and use it as everyday jargon. Indeed, baseball is a sort of dialect with many of it's own custom phrases.

1. In the Ballpark

For years this phrase has been used to refer to an approximation of a broad area. In 1963 it was cited with the meaning "sphere of activity or influence". Eventually it came to be known to mean "within reasonable bounds" and eventually came to be used to describe a reasonably accurate estimate with the term "ballpark figure".

2. Batting 1000

Batting a thousand is a phrase that refers to getting something right every single time it is attempted, or performing well within a series of activities in a row. The correlation with baseball here is obvious enough.

3. Big Leagues

Another fairly clear metaphor, this refers to someone entering into a field or participating at a level where there are others that perform at a high caliber.

4. Charley Horse

A charley horse refers to a sudden cramp or stiffness in muscle in the leg. Usage is cited as far back as 1888 and is known to have been used as baseball slang.

5. Double Header

When two similar events are held back to back or at least on the same day.

These are just a few phrases that originated in the great game of baseball which have come to have greater connotation to all of us in other spheres in every day life.

When you look at it, it just shows how profoundly influential the game of baseball has been on American culture.

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