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When to Tune In to See the World Series

Every year in the autumn, an entire season of baseball culminates in the World Series. This annual game showcases two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that have won the best-of-seven playoffs. The winner between the two teams receives the Commissioner's Trophy.

The name of the event began as the World's Championship Series upon inception back in 1882. At that point, the National League and the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players would duke it out, since the MLB did not yet exist. The name was later shortened to the World Series.

Over the years, many events have occurred to change the World Series as baseball fans know it. All other professional baseball leagues dissolved with only the MLB remaining. Strikes and boycotts have canceled the big game, although this occurs very rarely. In fact, there was a boycott in 1904 yet no other issues occurred until the 1994 strike that led to the first cancelation of the World Series in only 90 years.

The World Series also goes by the name of the Fall Classic. This refers to when viewers can tune into the game, which occurs every year in October.


How to Become the Ultimate Baseball Fan

The baseball diamond belongs to the best athletes in the world and the stands belong to the most passionate fans there are. Baseball is one of the biggest sports on Earth and it inspires a rabid fanbase that can rival even the most gung-ho football or basketball fans.

Many people think that, because of the relatively relaxed nature of the game, baseball fans are less passionate. This is not the case.

Becoming the ultimate baseball fan requires an almost unheard of dedication to the sport. Here's how:

1. Unlike football or basketball which only lasts a few months out of every year, baseball lasts almost year round. The ultimate baseball fan will watch all of their team games, and at at least two or three hours a game this is quite the commitment, as well as the nationally broadcasted games.

2. You can't become the ultimate baseball fan by sitting on your couch. The ultimate baseball fan will find his or herself in the stands at least a few times every month. Baseball games are amongst the most affordable sports to attend, due to the size of the stadium and the frequency of the games, so there is no excuse for not going to at least a couple good games every month.

3. The last thing the ultimate baseball fan will ensure they accomplish is the attendance of a World Series game--regardless of participants. The World Series, a 7 game championship, is unlike anything in professional sports. The stands fill up, the noise is deafening, and the pressure is high. The ultimate baseball fan will surely find themselves in the bleachers for a game.


What is the World Series?

The World Series of baseball is the most important series of baseball games in the entire realm of professional sports. Two teams- the winner of the National Leage and the winner of the American League- face off in a best of seven series to decide who the best squad is in all of Major League Baseball. Conducted at the end of a 182 game regular season, and following three rounds of playoff elimination baseball, the World Series is the ultimate stage upon which a baseball team can perform.

The World Series has a rich history of competitive games, breathtaking finales, and dramatic upsets. Though the World Series is the focal point at which all baseball fans focus, it has not always been that way. The first World Series occurred in 1903 between the Boston Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates. At its inception the World Series was a 9 game series, rather than a 7 game series, and the format of the games played was much different.

Much like the game of baseball itself, the World Series has gone under changes over the years. There have been schedule changes, location changes, and even fundamental rule changes since its inception. Throughout this history the champion has always received the same award: The Commissioners Trophy. Between the two leagues, since 1903, the American League has won the championship 63 times, and the National League 46 times.

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