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Who hit the most home runs in a single season?

61 Homers

Mark McGwire broke the record, but another interesting topic for the burgeoning baseball historian is the record breaking 61 home runs by Roger Maris. Neck and neck with Mickey Mantle for most of the season as the duo were after Babe Ruth's record, the 1961 Yankee season is among one of the most interesting in baseball history.

Why should I know baseball history?

Understand History's Importance

One of the great things about baseball is its storied history. Learn about the game's past. Learn about former players. An appreciation of the game's history will elevate your mindset and game!

Are online auction sites popular?

OnLine Auctions

Online auction sites like EBay are becoming
increasingly popular for collectors. Rare finds
can be found at decent prices. Persistence is the
key. Obviously look for the condition of the card
or piece, and make a bid if it is appealing.

Why should I know baseball history?

56 Games

A landmark in baseball history is Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak. The Yankee Clipper's hitting streak captured the interest of an entire nation. "Did he get one last night?" became the common question as fans became enthralled.

Who was the best hitter to ever play the game?

Ted Williams

Do some research on Ted Williams. As a sports icon, Williams is the best. Not only was he one of the best hitters of all time, he's a dignified man, a war hero and one to be looked upon with great admiration.

Who has the most career home runs in baseball?


Hank Aaron breaking the career home run record of Babe Ruth is an intriguing topic in baseball history. Not only did Aaron have to deal with chasing a record of probably the biggest sports hero ever, he had to deal with racial strife in a divided country.

Why should I know baseball history?

Knowing Your Baseball

Some big leaguers don't even know their baseball history. Remember, the foundation for all of the multi-million dollar salaries were built in the past.

How should I vote in the All Star ballots?

Vote for the Most Deserving Player

The All Star game is for the fans and it is appropriate to have the fan vote for the players. Try to vote for the players that deserve the honor and privilege the most, not just your favorite or most recognizable name.

What position should I draft first?

Fantasy Baseball

To have a good draft in fantasy baseball, you need to first analyze where the glut of talent is located. For example, if you deem that there is a glut of talent at first base, hold off on drafting the first baseman even if the best one is available.

Should dealers present certificates of authenticity?

Certifications in Memorabilia

Deal only with memorabilia dealers who will put certificates of authenticity in writing.

Is there a good account of the Pete Rose scandal?

Collision at Home Plate

For those modern baseball history buffs that crave knowledge on baseball topics, you might want to pick up a book called Collision at Home Plate. This book documents the betting scandal of Pete Rose and parallels the life of Rose and the late commissioner Bart Giamatti.

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