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Learn How To Easily Throw Different Pitches

Proper pitching begins with having the right grip on the baseball. Here are some of the most universal baseball pitches:

Four-Seam Fastball

To properly grasp the baseball in preparation for the four seam fastball, start by placing your index and middle fingers directly across the seams of the baseball, not with them. Next, place your thumb directly beneath the baseball. Grip the pitch softly, as if you are holding an egg in your fingertips (there should be space between the ball and your palm). This is essential to throwing a good, hard four-seam fastball with maximum backspin and acceleration. Having a loose grip will minimize the resistance between your hand and the baseball. Less resistance means the baseball can leave your hand quicker.

Three Finger Changeup

To throw a powerful three-finger changeup, begin by centering your index, middle, and ring fingers on top of the baseball. Then, position your pinky and thumb underneath the baseball with a comfortable grip. Hold the baseball deep in the palm of your hand to maximize resistance and to distribute the force of the baseball when the pitch is released. Throw it as if you were throwing a fastball: use the same mechanics and arm speed.

Straight Curveball

One of the most universal breaking ball grips is the straight curveball. First, grip the baseball with the seams, not across them, with your middle finger on top of one seam with your thumb on an opposite seam that is comfortable. Push your thumb upward as you drive your middle and index fingers down to create rotation prior to releasing the ball.

Happy Pitching!


How to be a Phenomenal Pitcher

If you want to become a truly great pitcher then there are a few things that you have to be willing to do. The Pitcher is one of the most important players on the baseball field and, really, on the entire team. They have control of the game and can be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. Let's take a look at what it takes to be a great pitcher.

1. Becoming a star pitcher, much like becoming a star hitter, requires persistence in terms of practice. You can't throw the ball around in practice and expect to be an ace on the mound. You have to put hours of work on your own time in order to excel at the position.

2. Another way to become a great pitcher is to learn a full complement of pitches. A pitcher should have at least three different pitches in their repertoire and be able to use them when the situation dictates it. A fastball, a breaking ball, and a splitter can comprise a good array of pitches. Being able to master one or all of these pitches can mean the difference between mediocrity and an elite skillset.

3. The key to becoming a great pitcher is being able to repeat pitches and hit your targets. This isn't something that can be done on instinct, it must be drilled into your muscles.

Being a pitcher is hard work. You are the most scrutinized player on the field at every single moment. If you can master the few steps to becoming a great pitcher then you can seize that moment and steal the show.

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