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What is a secondary lead?

Secondary Leads

To be an excellent base runner, you must master the secondary lead. After the pitch is thrown, the runner is to take his secondary lead, to gain ground on the next base as well as gain momentum. It is easy to get lazy on the secondary lead for it takes hustle to get back if the pitch is not hit.

Should I try to steal?

It can come down to simple math.

To know if a runner has the ability to steal second base, take the time of the pitcher's stretch delivery (from the first movement until the ball hits the catcher's glove) and add 2 seconds (for an exceptional catcher's throw). If that time is greater than the average time for that base stealer to run from first to second...then send him!

How can I be a better baserunner?

Quick Tips For Base Runners

Even if you are not fast, you can be a good base runner. Three basic rules :

1. Always be alert. Know the outs and counts and run the bases accordingly.
2. Be relaxed and on the balls of your feet. Again, even if you are not fast, being in the proper position to bolt will maximize what you have.
3. Be aggressive. The best base runners have controlled aggression. They run the bases hard and they know the situation. Hustle counts!

How do you steal off a lefty?

Going on first move against a lefty

If a left handed pitcher takes a long time delivering the ball on a pick-off attempt you might want to try stealing second off the pitcher's first move. That is, attempting a steal as soon as the pitcher lifts his front leg. If he throws to first, the first baseman still has to make a quick exchange and a good throw to second to get you out. If he throws home, you should have an easy steal since you got an outstanding jump.

Should I use a delayed steal?

Delayed Steal

The delay steal is a great weapon for a runner that may not have blazing speed. You take one extra "hop" off the secondary lead and then take off for second base. This catches the middle infielders and catcher by surprise.

What is a hit and run?

Hit and Run

When the coach gives the hit and run sign and you are the base runner, you must NOT get picked off. The hitter will be swinging and trying to put the ball on the ground. You can sacrifice a good jump since you are protected by the hitter.

What should I know about sliding?


Learn to slide properly. Whether it is a head first slide or a feet first slide, the slide is a play that can potentially injure a player if not done properly. Cuts, bruises, jammed fingers and wrists are only some of the injuries that can occur without proper technique. If you have not been schooled in sliding, go to a camp that will teach you the proper way. This will prevent injuries throughout your career.

How can I successfully steal second or third base?

Jump for Second

When stealing a base, you need a great jump for second, but not for third. To steal second, put your right foot a couple inches back so you turn and go in only one step. For third, get as much of a lead as you can and only watch the pitcher. You can`t be picked off unless he throws the ball, so don`t worry about the SS and 2B.

Is proper baserunning important?

Aggressive Turns

Learn to run the bases properly. Make an aggressive turn by stepping on the inside corner of the base closest to the pitcher to push off of the base and also so you don't slip and hurt yourself.This also keeps the shortest path between the bases.

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