It can come down to simple math.

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Should I try to steal?

It can come down to simple math.

To know if a runner has the ability to steal second base, take the time of the pitcher's stretch delivery (from the first movement until the ball hits the catcher's glove) and add 2 seconds (for an exceptional catcher's throw). If that time is greater than the average time for that base stealer to run from first to second...then send him!



10/31/2011 10:21:44 AM
Fluffie said:

Most pitchers throw 90+ mph which would take less than half a second to reach the catcher, who takes a half second to react and then takes a little over 1 second to throw to second base at 80 mph. Total time, a bit over 2 seconds.
Assuming the first base runner has a 10 ft. leadoff, he has to run the remaining 80 ft. in less than 2 seconds. Probably not possible, so we would have to assume that the runner takes off before the pitcher releases the ball.


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