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Should I work on a quick exchange from glove to hand?

The Exchange

Work on a quick exchange from glove to throwing hand. Even while warming up your arm you can work on this skill. Try to make a crisp, clean exchange that puts you in the best position to throw.

How do you properly catch a ball in the outfield?

Catching the Ball In the Outfield

Practice catching the ball properly in the outfield. When making a throw from a fly ball, you should be behind the ball with some forward momentum. Catch the ball on the throwing hand side to make the transfer from catch to throw as efficient as possible.

How do you pick up a dead ball?

Picking It Up

Don't pick up a dead ball with your glove. If you do this in practice, you may automatically do it in a game, and likely bobble the ball.

How do you catch a ball in the sun?

Shading Your Eyes

Catching a ball in the sun can be difficult. Use sunglasses when possible. Shade your eyes with your glove and brim of your cap, and learn to angle your body away from the sun to cut off glare.

How do you grip the ball when throwing in the field?

Throwing from the field

When throwing from either the infield or the outfield, learn to throw a "four seamer". By properly gripping the baseball, you can get four seams of the ball cutting the air. This will create a straighter, stronger throw. If you don't know what a four seamer is, have a professional show you!

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