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What should you be thinking while in the field?

Thinking properly

While in the field, always have the thought process of, "What should I do if the ball is hit to me on the ground or in the air." If you are always thinking this, you will always know where to throw the ball.

Is hustle important?


It doesn't take any talent to hustle. Run on and off the field. Run out all ground balls and pop-ups. Hustle will set a player apart.

How can I improve my overall game?

Think a step ahead

As you progress in skill level you will understand more how baseball is a mental game. Those who are most prepared and can think a step ahead of the opponent will be the most successful.

How do I avoid mental lapses?

Know the outs

Always know how many outs there are. Even Major Leaguers forget, but this mental lapse is not excusable. Benny Agbayani of the New York Mets and Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies are two Big Leaguers with embarassing incidences. Both took the game ball and gave it to a fan thinking there were three outs, when there were only two. Beyond embarassing, you could cost your team the game! Concentrate!!!

How can I learn to not fear the ball?

Being afraid of the ball

Getting over fear of the baseball is important at the beginner level. IncrediBalls can be used for drills to help eliminate the fear during hitting drills.

While fielding, the head must remain down on a ground ball. It is when the head comes up that the player is actually most vulnerable to a bad hop in the face. If the player sees the bad hop, instincts will naturally get the face out of the way.

How should I measure my success?

General hitting mindset

Your general approach to hitting should be simple. Try to hit the ball hard! Sometimes measuring the amount of hits one receives is deceiving. You can be hitting the ball well and using proper mechanics, but not have anything in the hit column. Or, you can have a bunch of hits, but you may not be doing much mechanically right. This will eventually catch up to you. Let the number of times you strike the ball solidly be your measuring stick.

Is sportsmanship important?


"Ragging" in baseball is all too common. Baseball is a humbling sport. What goes around often comes around. My recommendation? Bite your lip.

How do you deal with failure?

Dealing with failure

Baseball is a game of failures. Even the best hitters make outs 3 out of 10 times! Realizing this is an important part of being a baseball player.


Baseball Instruction

There are different ways to learn the game of baseball. Most children learn the game in their backyard playing with their friends in the neighborhood. They are amazed at professional ball players who seem to make magical plays on tv. They aspire to be as good as them one day and pick favorite teams and players.

When a young ball player moves into the leagues, they get more serious baseball instruction from coaches and competition from other players. The motivation to learn and improve skills is a natural part of the competition. If they see that they are lacking in one area, baseball instructional videos can be viewed to understand the technical aspects of each skill so that improvement can be made. Understanding the set of skills needed to play the game will help develop their minds and perfect discipline.

Everything from how to swing a bat, to pitching or catching a ground ball can be learned from baseball instructional videos. Things such as knowing the strike zone and how to swing a bat and meet the ball is important for the development of skills. Most important of all is the desire to learn found in the heart of a young ball player. Discipline in the game will help them in decision making for the rest of their lives.

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