When to Tune In to See the World Series

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When to Tune In to See the World Series

Every year in the autumn, an entire season of baseball culminates in the World Series. This annual game showcases two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that have won the best-of-seven playoffs. The winner between the two teams receives the Commissioner's Trophy.

The name of the event began as the World's Championship Series upon inception back in 1882. At that point, the National League and the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players would duke it out, since the MLB did not yet exist. The name was later shortened to the World Series.

Over the years, many events have occurred to change the World Series as baseball fans know it. All other professional baseball leagues dissolved with only the MLB remaining. Strikes and boycotts have canceled the big game, although this occurs very rarely. In fact, there was a boycott in 1904 yet no other issues occurred until the 1994 strike that led to the first cancelation of the World Series in only 90 years.

The World Series also goes by the name of the Fall Classic. This refers to when viewers can tune into the game, which occurs every year in October.



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