How to Avoid 5 Common Baseball Injuries

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How to Avoid 5 Common Baseball Injuries

1. Torn Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is composed of four muscles that help support the arm and allow it to move up, down and rotate. A torn rotator cuff causes baseball players to experience pain and limited movement in their shoulder joint. Proper stretching and weightlifting to strengthen muscles can help players avoid this injury.

2. Bursitis of the Elbow

Bursitis of the elbow occurs when the fluid filled sack of the elbow, the bursa, is hit or irritated, causing it to become inflamed or full of fluid. As soon as baseball players notice their elbows beginning to swell, they should rest and compress, ice and elevate the area to keep the condition from worsening.

3. Finger Fractures

It is not uncommon for baseball players to fracture a finger when they catch a fast ball or when they are hit by the ball when at bat. Players can reduce the risk of fractures by wearing a proper mitt while in the outfield and by paying attention to poor pitches.

4. Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is not just for tennis players. Baseball players can also get the condition after swinging a bat repeatedly. Baseball players should be sure to eat right and exercise to keep their muscles in excellent shape. They should also rest their arms when needed.

5. Knee Injuries

When baseball players make sudden changes in direction while they are running quickly, they put themselves at risk of injuring the ligaments surrounding their knees. Baseball players can prevent this injury by making more fluid movements instead of short, jerky stops when possible.



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