The Right Baseball Glove

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The Right Baseball Glove

Every position on a baseball field has a glove that is designed to get the job done. The players learn to use these baseball gloves which helps them do their job.

Catchers mitts are rounded with padding and thick leather. This is designed to catch fast balls and the rounded edge will help guide the ball into the pocket of the glove. They are called "mitts" because they have one place for all fingers, instead of an individual place for each finger.

Like the catchers mitt, a first basemen's mitt has no individual fingers. They are long and designed to pick up a low ball in the dirt or reach out for a wild throw. These gloves may be worn by a left or right handed player.

An infielders' glove is smaller and has a shallow pocket so the player can quickly retrieve the ball from inside and throw it to the first baseman. It is designed for quick pick-up and release in order to force out the batter at first base.

The outfielder's glove has deep pockets that open wide and offer a better chance of catching a fly ball on the run. They are also longer so that a ground ball can be scooped up on the run. Softball gloves are similar being long and deep.



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