Baseball Equipment

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Baseball Equipment

The game of baseball is designed to be played with a minimum of equipment. It is more of a game of skill than brute force. Everything from the ball, gloves, bat, or shoes have their place on the field and need to be mastered by the player.

A ball and glove is basic baseball equipment. Playing pitch and catch is where the young begin to learn the game. Throwing the ball is a basic element of baseball and everyone on the team has to be able to throw the ball from their position. Catching the ball is more important for some than others and using the right glove for the position being covered is very important. Pitchers are not known to be fielders but have to do their best to catch a ball at times.

Bats are the next thing to master along with "keeping an eye on the ball". This is a term that will have many meanings during a lifetime and it started here with baseball. Following a pitch down to the catcher is required if a batter is going to connect the bat with the ball for a hit. This is the part where "keeping an eye on the ball" comes into play. Baseball batting gloves are designed to help the hold the bat securely in hand without slipping.



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