Necessary Baseball Equipment

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Necessary Baseball Equipment

There are a few things needed to play the game of baseball. The use of softball equipment must be mastered to win the game. The three main things needed are a glove, bat and ball.

Gloves are designed for various positions and players. The catchers mitt is rounded with padding around the edge so that the ball is funneled into the pocket. A first baseman's glove is also a mitt, and is long so it can reach out or scoop up wild throws. The infielders glove is not very deep so that when a ground ball is caught, it can be quickly taken out and thrown to first base for the forced out. An outfielders glove is deep so that a fly ball can be caught as the fielder is running.

A bat comes in different lengths and weights. It does not take a big bat to hit a home run. That has more to do with a good pitch, solid swing and hitting the ball just right. The batter must choose a bat that they feel comfortable with.

The ball is what the game is named after. The game is not called, baseglove or basebat. It is called baseball and the ball is what to keep an eye on. Baseball equipment needed for a game is a glove, bat and ball.



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