Swing Up or Swing Down

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Do you swing up on the ball or down on the ball?

Swing Up or Swing Down

Most hitting analysts say the proper swing is a motion that provides a downward plane. But, ask Ted Williams and you will get a different answer. In his book, The Science of Hitting, Mr. Williams actually is an advocate of a slight upper-cut. This just proves that baseball theory has no true absolutes. How can you argue with Ted Williams?



8/30/2006 5:18:40 PM
James said:

There are absolutes. Technique is universal amongst the best players. Idiots have set hitting back by simply repeating things that sounds good (barrel above the hands, swing down)... If they had ever ACTUALLY watched a good hitter in slow motion they would see the path of their swing is upward

8/28/2007 1:04:42 PM
Coach13 said:

So many high school coaches teach downswings that kids think they are doing it right. Downswings drive the ball into the ground when hit squarely and only on a high pitch, where the bat can't go down, can they hit shots. At the college and pro levels ground balls are out 82+% of the time. That's why ground ball pitchers make millions in the pros. In HS you can hit .300+ hitting grounders due to bad fields, bad fielders, weak arms, etc. Once the players get better, bigger, faster, older, and the fields get better groomed, ground ball hitters are doomed unless they are fast as lightning.

Get a next level swing. Learn from Ted Williams, Mike Epstein, and other Rotational Hitters. MLB hitters swing up because most pitches go down, and they are in the plane of the ball for as long as possible. Swinging down creates an X with the ball and makes hitters need perfect timing. Just dumb.

3/13/2008 8:05:38 AM
Scott J. said:

I have to agree with James. So many kids trying to learn how to hit have been confused by coaches and parents who give advice and have no idea if the advice makes any sense. Ted Williams was the first person to put the common sense test to the art of hitting. His teachings and books sparked the rotational method of hitting which can be explained and validated by simple physics. My advise to any parent is to read Mr. Williams book and Mike Epstein's books on hitting.

1/2/2009 8:57:53 AM
bob said:

the beginning of the swing is down with the follow through in a upward motion. To teach hitting you have to have the fundamentals integrated into the player being comfortable. "I can make you look pretty striking out" is teaching a system which is not beneficial to the player's skill. There is no one-way to hit and a good coach teaches a few points into a variety of styles.


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