Power Infield

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What defensive drills can I use to maximize time?

Power Infield

Use this drill to give infielders a ton of ground balls and throws in a short period of time.

Start with a coach and a bucket of balls at home plate. Hit grounders to third and have the third baseman turn two (5-4-3 double play). But, have the second baseman throw to a first baseman standing about 20 feet down the right field line (away from first base). As soon as the ball is hit to third, grab another ball and hit a grounder to shortstop. The shortstop is making the throw to first (6-3 putout). The shortstop is throwing directly to the first baseman at the first base bag. Empty a bucket of balls at a quick pace and what you will end up with is two piles of balls at the first baseman and at the alternate first baseman (standing 20 feet behind the bag)

Next, gather the balls and repeat the process. This time, make the third baseman throw to first and make the second baseman turn a double play (4-6-3) with the shortstop throwing to the alternate first baseman (20 feet behind the bag).

Gather the balls again and switch again to the shortstop turning two (6-4-3) and the third baseman again throwing to first (or if arms are weary, have the third baseman field and throw the balls out to the side).

Finally, do a round solely with the first baseman making a 3-6 putout. Shortstops just toss the ball off to the side.

Tremendous drill that gets hundreds of ground balls and throws achieved in a short period of time.



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goodfieldbaseball has a dvd out that goes over 12 different defensive drills that relate to this thread.


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