Baseball Hitting Tips

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Baseball Hitting Tips

Playing the game of baseball requires batting experience. Everyone has to step up to the plate for the pitches. A few baseball hitting tips will help train a batter to react quickly and effectively to get on base.

First thing is to swing a lot with a bat that fits. A solid connection of a bat with a ball at high speed will send a ball quickly on its way. It is the connection that is important here, not the size of the bat.

Know the strike zone and and where you are comfortable hitting. Don't be a sucker for bad pitches. A pitcher will try to throw a ball with the intention of leading the batter to swing at something that can not be hit very well.

Face the pitcher with both eyes and stay on the balls of your feet. Keep your head steady with eyes towards the pitcher. When the pitch is being delivered, move the bat back a little and get ready to swing if it is a good pitch.

Take a short step towards the oncoming ball to keep balance. Swing slightly downward to avoid an upper cut and keep the front shoulder down. Practice batting skills by using portable batting cages with a pitching machine. There is no substitute for practice.



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