Baseball Training

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Baseball Training

Preparing to play any game takes a lot of work and practice, but baseball training can be as much of a mind game as a physical one. The hand to eye co-ordination needed is one of the most demanding of any sport. Finding the sweet spot of a baseball flying near you at high speed demands that the batter keep their eye on the ball.

After the basics of pitching and catching are somewhat mastered, the ball player must continue to work on the fundamentals of the game. Proper stance to catch a ground ball speeding its way towards a second baseman will allow for a quick pick up and throw to first base for the forced out.

Throwing a ball with accuracy is something that a player develops after much practice. Playing pitch and catch is fundamental to perfecting a throw to the exact spot it needs to go. To work on accuracy, pick a spot near the player being thrown to and hit it every time. This builds confidence in throwing ability and helps with concentration. Every player should learn to throw the ball accurately, not just the pitcher.

Baseball training equipment like gloves and bats should be seen as part of the player himself. They are extended to catch or hit the ball and must be used with skill.



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