It's Outta Here!

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It's Outta Here!

You’ve seen them; the big league players who can hit baseballs out of the park with one swing of the bat. Amidst the cheers of the crowds, they’ve put what they’ve learned from coaches into practice. It’s what they do; it’s what they get paid to do.

They haven’t always hit that way. It took years of practice to learn how to hit well. They learned some of the most basic things when they were just starting out, and they have incorporated what they learned into their times at bat.

Having a level baseball swing is one of the most important elements of hitting. When you take that baseball swing, make sure to bring the bat around, keeping it level so when the bat meets the ball, you get the maximum velocity out of the swing.

Another important tip is to make sure you have a good stance. You should stand with your feet apart, knees slightly bent and stand in a natural, comfortable position.

To perfect your swing, practice! Then practice some more! Make use of videos and baseball hitting nets. Spend an afternoon at the batting cages. Have friends pitch to you to perfect your baseball swing.

Invite them to your next game, so they can watch you hit one out of the park!



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