Speed and the Baseball Coach

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Speed and the Baseball Coach

Becoming a baseball coach can be a wonderful way to spend time with children to be good role models for them. Let’s not pretend, though. As the baseball coach, your job is to teach boys how to become the best baseball players they can be.

One way to do that is to focus on speed. While a baseball coach should work to create an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, making sure that players are doing their best and improving is important as well.
Checking the speed of players in certain drills is one way to accomplish this task.

The discerning baseball coach should have a stopwatch and clipboard available at all times. Use the stopwatch to record the time a player takes to run the bases or to field grounders. Make sure to record this information for each player throughout several practices.

A quality baseball coach will use these numbers to make decisions on players. Some players will not be quick with grounders, and the numbers will bear that out in a more concrete way than any other method. Instead of just using your senses, which can lead you to favor showy players over consistent ones, look at the numbers.

Who runs the fastest?

Who gets the ball to first base the quickest?

Whose hits take the longest to field?

These speed questions can help an average baseball coach learn to be an excellent one.



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