Amateur Baseball Pitching Machines

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Amateur Baseball Pitching Machines

Authentic baseball and softball pitching machines come in a wide-array of designs, ranging in price from $200 to $4,000, depending on your level of expertise and need. Most pitching machines hold up to 12 baseballs at one time, and release or pitch balls every 6 to 15-seconds. Heavy-duty commercial machines hold up to 120 balls, pitching balls every 8-seconds, at speeds up to 95-MPH.

Authentic, amateur baseball pitching machines, designed for back-yard use or team field practice, are engineered to throw all standard pitches, including fast balls, poly balls, curve balls, pop-ups, line-drives and even grounders, and can emulate left and right handed pitchers. Pitch speed can range up to 50-MPH.

The most important safety rule, all batters must adhere to, is absolutely and unequivocally, wear your helmet. During a real game, you would never approach home-plate to bat, without first gearing up. This applies to your practice using baseball pitching machines, as well. A 50-MPH pitch from a baseball pitching machine can do serious harm to your head, and because these machines are engineered to mimic real pitches, balls are not always thrown straight. The helmet rule is the most important tip for all hitters, whether up to bat at practice, or in your back-yard, using your baseball pitching machine.



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