Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a wood bat?

Are there hitting absolutes?

How do you throw a curve?

Does attitude make a difference?

Does hustle make the difference?

Why should I know baseball history?

What is the launch position?

What are three simple rules to hitting?

What drill forces a player to keep his head in on the swing?

What will set me apart in a tryout?

How should I train for pitching?

How should I approach my hitting drills?

Should I use a big bat?

Is diet important?

Should I work on a quick exchange from glove to hand?

Does neurology play a part in baseball?

How can you pick up on the nuances of the game?

Should a catcher take control?

What is the proper way to go after a fly ball?

Should I use a weighted bat?

When should I concentrate on mechanics?

How can I improve my overall game?

What defensive drills can I use to maximize time?

How can I improve as a hitter?

Should I do sprints?

Should a team make the investment to purchase screens?

What is the best way to constructively criticize a player?

Should the infielders be taking fungos during batting practice?

Should I buy expensive equipment?

Should I develop a batting ritual?

How do you catch a ball in the sun?

How do you shade your eyes from the sun?

Should I throw a changeup?

What should you be thinking while in the field?

How can I anticipate where the batter will hit the ball?

Is sponsorship a good idea?

What kind of signs should I use?

What is a good time for a catcher´s throw to second base?

How do you throw from the outfield?

Are strong legs important?

Is hustle important?

Do I need aerobic training?

What drill will give a pitcher proper spin on the curveball.

Should a pitcher work with weights?

How can I get the most out of a player scrimmage?

How do you grip the ball when throwing in the field?

Should I use weights?

How do you properly catch a ball in the outfield?

What size bat should I use?

Is proper baserunning important?

How should I measure my success?

How can I practice without a catcher?

How can I improve my pitching?

What can you control in baseball?

Should I learn to drag bunt?

How can I be a better baserunner?

Should I play pepper?

What can I do to become a better fielder?

What should I know about sliding?

Should you swing at a first pitch curve?

Do you swing up on the ball or down on the ball?

Should I use a delayed steal?

What is the longest hitting streak in baseball?

What is a delayed steal?

What position should I draft first?

Is there a drill for relay throws?

Is balance important?

How can I become a better first baseman?

Should players run the bases during batting practice?

Should I consider a no-stride approach to hitting?

How can I hit more of those off-speed balls?

How do you get out of a slump?

How do you learn outfield positioning?

How do you steal off a lefty?

Should I try to steal?

Do I concentrate on the game or this one pitch?

What pieces of advice might a pitching legend give?

What is timed batting practice?

What brand of bat should I use?

Should I try to smack it into the fence?

Should I try to hit the ball on the ground or in the air?

What is the most imporant pitch in baseball?

Should you guess?

How can I learn to not fear the ball?

What is a secondary lead?

How do I avoid mental lapses?

Is sportsmanship important?

What can I do with extra time during batting practice?

Is there a good account of the Pete Rose scandal?

Should I train my shoulders?

Who hit the most home runs in a single season?

What kind of glove should I use?

Should I use a cup?

Should the shortstop be the leader in the field?

How can I learn more about baseball?

How can I enhance my recruiting efforts?

What is PFP?

What is a hit and run?

Are there alternatives to aerobic training?

What can I work on during batting practice?

Can you truly measure baseball ability?

Should dealers present certificates of authenticity?

How do you get noticed?

How can I enhance my recruiting?

When should I work on mechanics?

Is dressing properly important?

How do you pick up a dead ball?

What are the three aspects of a fastball?

Should I use ice?

Can you recommend a team defense drill?

How should I vote in the All Star ballots?

Who has the most career home runs in baseball?

Are coaching camps available?

How do you properly execute tee work?

How do you deal with tantrums?

Are online auction sites popular?

When should I start learning proper mechanics?

How do you deal with failure?

Is stretching important?

When should I start learning mechanics?

How can I determine hitter weaknesses?

Who was the best hitter to ever play the game?

How can I successfully steal second or third base?

How can I successfully steal second or third base?

What does a player look for in an umpire?

What kind of demeanor should an umpire have?

Should I take care of my equipment?

Should I toy with my unorthodox stance?

Who has priority on fly balls?

Should my stance be athletic?

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